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"Your SQL 2000 Recovery software is really speedy and unique. I tried several Demo Versions of various vendors. I purchased it at once without giving it a second thought. It was really very speedy and fast in recovering.
- Linda Matthews

Called Support Team at 4.00 in the Morning and got instant reply!
I am very happy to get reply so early. I bought the personal license of SQL Server Database Recovery software. I was using it and found a little problem at some place. I didn’t know what to do, but when I contacted your support team they solved my query. I really appreciate. What a team!
- Andrew Garner, Ohio

I business owner, running many offices and for different operations, I rely on MS SQL. MS SQL Server is a part of my office now, I can’t imagine functioning properly without it. Unfortunately, my HR informed me that our chief CPU Server has got infected by a virus that affected various SQL Server database files. I informed all my chief employees to find an immediate solution to cope up with this problem. Luckily your company rescued our lost data with its efficient SQL 2008 database recovery tool. It wouldn’t be wrong to call it as my business redeemer.
- Marco Fleming, Denmark

Your support team is very helpful
Few days back, I purchased the private license of SQL Recovery tool for recovering my Damaged MDF file. Every function of your software was clear instead of one and I get fixed there. I contacted your support team through email and to my shock, my doubts were clear at the same moment I received the reply. MDF files were repaired and moreover MS SQL server data also recovered. Thanks …

Your Recovery tool is a remedy for lost SQL Data
Once, when I came from my college, I find my dad to be tensed. I at once understood that something wrong was with his work. I talked to him and he told me that some data was lost from his SQL Server. I searched the internet and found Recovery tool. Although, it was midnight but to my surprise I got immediate help from your support team. The software was wonderful and from your help only my father got relieved from tension.
- Gerard Albertin